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A Guide to Teacher Professional Development

The best kind of professional development is the one that results from the changes that occur in the practices of the teachers and at the same time an improvement in the part of the outcome of the learning of the students. To attain effective professional development, one needs to consider the following elements in order to attain this goal.

One of the most important element is the need of rhte PD to be focused in the teaching strategies in association with the specific kind of the curriculum content supporting the teacher learning within the scope of teachers’ classroom contexts. This kind of element will includes the intentional focus in terms of the discipline-specific curriculum pedagogies and development in various areas like science, mathematics, or in literacy.

One also have to consider if an active learning is incorporated which helps the teacher to design and try out various teaching strategies while providing the chances to engage in the same kind of learning style that they designed for the students. Such PD utilizes an interactive activities , and other sort of strategies that provide an embedded and contextualized professional learning that is important in the development. This kind of approach will move away the traditional kind of learning model and at the same time the environment that is based from the lectures and will have no direct connection to the classroom and students of the teacher.

It is also important that the PD supports collaboration where it allows the teachers to collaborate and share their ideas of their learnings, sometimes in the contexts that are job-embedded. Through working in collaboration, one can create a certain community that will change the culture and the instruction of the whole grade level schools, or district.

Another element to consider is if the PD uses the models for the practice to be effective and efficient. There are curricular models and modelling that provide the teachers with the clearer vision on the best kind of practice would look like. The teachers needs to be able to view on their lesson plans, sample student works, and unit plans, as well as the video and the written cases of their teaching and this can be easy with the use of the proper PD.

It is also important that the PD can provide expert support and also the a good coaching to the teachers especially those who really needs it. In coaching and in expert support, it involves the sharing of the expertise all about the evidence-based practices and also about the content that is focused directly to each needs of the teachers.

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