Skyland Tourism Is the Best Desert Safari Company in Dubai

This is our story and Dubai desert safari reconsider of our six-hour visit on the dunes of Dubai. By interpretation our tips, it would help promise you to have perfect safari experience.

Countless Dubai desert safari Companies in Dubai

However a drawback of wide selection is that the excellence varies a lot. There are many inexpensive Dubai desert safaris but often they are arranged by badly organized tour operators. We are sure you absolutely agree that saving a few dollars or Euros to get a poor knowledge is not worth having and that is why we advocate you to compare safari operators very cautiously.

We have taken a Dubai desert safari twice ourselves. Our first tour was arranged by Happy Tours that unluckily were not that ‘happy’ experience. Transporting people was and a big chaos because of schedules intended very badly. When the events had concluded at the Dubai desert safari, long quest awaited us for cars to fetch jointly with hundreds of tourists amidst cold and windy late evening. The said tour was really thrilling probably because it was our first time but certainly we can say it was a little demanding due to long ques. Our second tour was in order by Skyland Tourism* whose planning and organizing of the whole route was comparably improved. Continue reading our memorable experiences with Skyland Tourism Dubai desert safari.   

We would like to highlight that that all opinions in this piece of writing are our own.

We strongly propose you to try a Dubai desert safari. There are also longer lasting and during the night safaris. Compare which option is the best for you and find reliable Dubai desert safari companies in Dubai.  

All half day Dubai desert safaris seem to have quite similar program. The differences are how they are in order. Compare carefully in sequence about the arrangements before booking. For example, we were really happy with Skyland Tourism Dubai desert safari. We can’t promise that it is the best one but according to our experiences it was actually good.   

Our Dubai desert safari included about 1 hour lasting activity on the stage in the middle of the camp. There was a dance show, a immense fire show and at last belly dancing. All the activity happened after the sundown.

On good Dubai desert safari you are told exact details when the ride back leaves. On our Skyland Tourism safari, our driver was coming up for us after the show and the ride back to the hotel took place right away. There were not even 1 minute waiting.  

Skyland Tourism has their own camp on the dunes. They are not contribution it with any other companies so they have full managed what happens there. The camp was not packed either. It might be that we just chose a less busy day or it may be the usual state.

The booking process went fairly smoothly. We were given a link where we paid the Dubai desert safari by a credit card. Finally we got a confirmation email but unluckily it had wrong dates. We contacted Skyland Tourism immediately and they promised to correct the dates. All the wrong information was corrected. They did not send us any new confirmation coupon but they just told everything is okay. Well, finally we did not have any trouble with the booking so they really had corrected wrong particulars. We just wish that the announcement after those changes made could however be better a little.  

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