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Facts and Benefits of Timber Frame Houses

Timber can be used to create houses or buildings with the use of squared-off, and joined timbers that are carefully fitted and securely joined by large, reliable, and durable wooden pegs. Timber framing is a popular house construction that originated started from the 19th century and even earlier. In most cases, the infill in between timbers are used for decorative effects, and half-timbered refers to the frame structures of load-bearing timber that are remained exposed on a building’s exterior. The Timber Frame Company has structures that are strong, durable, and precision-engineered.

As compared to traditional house brick and block construction, timber frame offers great benefits to homeowners. One of the most efficient and economical methods of house construction is timber frame. Timber frame provides greater quality, simplified on-site and easy construction, and flexibility to homeowners. A building that is timber-framed is specifically engineered to possess the highest level of accuracy and superior quality structures. Timber framing can be done any time of the year because it’s not weather dependent. Homeowners and contractors have greater control in all aspects of the house construction process.

Timber frame can easily meet and even exceed building standards and there is an improved safety and healthy construction. Timber frame houses are environmentally-friendly. There is a higher rate of customer satisfaction because of increased customer benefits. The high efficiency in energy will result in low running costs. With timber frames, houses have better acoustic insulation properties over brick and block constructed homes. Timber frame structures perform well against flood and fire. Homeowners are provided with more choices and obtain a greater value for their money. With diagonal bracing, timber framing prevents the racking or irregular movement of posts and structural beams. Timber frame houses are made of heavy timber with different tenon and pegged joints. Now more than ever, timber framing construction method is now more advanced and durable, and you may contact the Timber Frame Company to get an estimate or quote.

When it comes to Timber Frame Company, they have been in the business for many years, catering to residential and commercial business establishments. The Timber Company offers great products and services and they are passionate, dedicated, and committed to always make customers happy and satisfied. The Timber Company can help you achieve a unique and beautiful house. Allow them to provide you the best timber solutions by visiting their homepage or website now. Make your dream timber house a reality by entrusting it to the Timber Company, with great expertise, experience, and craftsmanship,

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